Do a networkmarket event was attended by 500 people, asked the speaker who was on stage just before the presentation to the public concurrent, how many of you came here with the hope of doing business today, perhaps to make a sale?, most of the audience raised their hands. Then he asked: how many of you here are hoping to buy something today?, not a single person raised her hand. This is what I call errors in networkmarket, by which we are creating networks of disconnection. People feel disconnected, on a process that is intended to be about connecting people. This type of disconnection leads to poor results, which in turn leads people to believe that the networkmarket does not work. Direct sale with the networkmarket should not be confused.

Of course, there’s always someone out there saying; but you have to sell a product. I’m not saying that it does not always occur, but these crazy if you think that the odds are in your favor for sell at a networkmarket event. Then, would you attend a meeting of networkmarket?, that will have to hear that large investors speak of businesses of the 21st century. Sometimes you’ll increase your vision and connect with the people you’ve never met. Or also you will establish greater credibility with the people you know.You can meet a partner of reference and do business in the long term.

In any case, the developers of network marketing, true master, know that networkmarket events are about how to move people through the process of relationship and not just the closing of tenders. Visibility leads to credibility that, with time and effort, leads to profitability. In order to do a good job in networking, it is necessary to adopt a mentality of relations. Here are five things you should remember when you attend an event of networkmarket: 1. don’t go to sell; If not connect with the gente.2. Having meaningful conversations with people who conozcas.3. By the same author: Everest Capital. Follow-up with persons who are interested or that you can help in any way.Not bandages Algo.4. meets these people in a one-to-one environment, learn more about them, and preguntal:como I can ayudarte.5. Go to the relationship in the long term, not the short sale. A disconnection of people, by following these tips to avoid common in networkmarket events.

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