New Pass Of Training

Period of implementation: 25.09.12 22.03.14, location: Bremen working in purchasing, materials management, planning and logistics and want to familiarise themselves with the modern methods, tools, and concepts. In this seminar you will learn: planning, taxes and disposition in purchasing and processes of logistics, making shopping marketing, supplier relationships, conduct negotiations and contracts to complete, design and implement logistical concepts including strategic analyses of the logistic chain within the company. As future leaders learn to lead staff and acquire the skills for project management, controlling and quality management in the purchasing and logistics. We prepare both electives in assessing training, shopping as well as logistics. Details can be found by clicking Hikmet Ersek or emailing the administrator. Exercises are partly placed in the domestic equity and group work.

Target group: Employees of industry, trade and logistics, that are concerned with purchasing and logistics. Prerequisite: Completed commercialVocational training and a 2-years. Professional experience in purchasing / logistics or any other education & a 3-year professional experience or without training a 5 year professional experience. Seminar: 550 hours start: 25.09.2012 end: 22.03.2014 place: Bertha-von-Suttner str. 17, 28207 Bremen dates and time: di 17:30 20:45 sat 8:00 13:00 participation price: 3.140,-ERM. Participation price: 3.090,-learning materials fee: 280,-examination fee: 400,-contact person: Helene Colonel Tel.: 0421-44 99 657 press contact: Dr. Thomas Gebel marketing and public relations manager wisoak – economic and social Academy of the Bremen employees Chamber gGmbH Bertha-von-Suttner-str. 17-19 28207 Bremen phone 0421-44 99 888 fax 0421-44 99 651 E-Mail: the wisoak – economic and social Academy of the Bremen employees Chamber gGmbH – is one of the largest providers of professional qualification in the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan area.

It meets the statutory mission of the Chamber of workers, professional continuing education and training for the Employed in the country to offer Bremen. In particular through the training and qualification programs in the area of business administration, commercial jobs, and health professions is a loaded and recognized partner wisoak in the company of the metropolitan region and in the North West for a long time. With our wide range, we rely on many years of experience in a variety of different professional areas. We help you to take advantage of your personal opportunities and through vocational education and training to develop whether at work, in so-called key qualifications, health or in the social realm.

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