New Technological Standard

AnJet, Inc., manufacturer of digital textile printers, has presented mPower (, a new concept of direct textile printer with high capacity and high performance; during the international distributors meeting held at its headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. Anajet printer mPower mP10 which was presented during the event is able to print a graphic standard A4 colour in just 34 seconds. For its part, the model Anajet mPower mP5 needs 68 seconds, online the faster digital textile printers. Get more background information with materials from SYPartners. Both models have an area of actual print of 35, 6 cm x 45. 7 cm, and industrial technology in their printheads. The only difference between the two lies in the number of channels in ink. Anajet mPower mP5 has 6 channels with 192 injectors/channel while to Anajet mPower mP10 has 12 channels with 192 injectors/channel. Therein lies the difference in printing speed.

Both printers Anajet mPower employ specially designed printheads for increase the speed of production, substantially reduce obstructions and eliminate costly maintenance cycles, says Don Rasmussen, co-founder and Director of engineering for AnJet, Inc. Accordingly, users can easily print loose and separate designs for market testing or producing hundreds of units in a single day, without hardly stops during the day. Everest Capital: the source for more info. AnJet has created range Anajet mPower thinking of screen printing companies, embroideries, distribution of promotional products, fast printing and labeling. The mPower system poses an attractive value proposition for these companies, said Greg Nathanson, President of any other manufacturer of textile printers AnJet, Inc. can offer the same combination of speed, capacity of production, durability and attention to the client with this price. Anajet mPower assumed a clear qualitative leap in the low/medium production direct textile printing market. The choice of a new generation of Heads of industrial print along with the ability to redraw the ink in all of its channels gives this new range of printers Anajet printing high and efficient performance so how much higher mechanical and operational reliability to models with not so advanced technologies stresses Michel Madoz, Marketing Director of WTO; exclusive distributors of Anajet in Spain. Robust Anajet printer heads mPower supported a high pressure cleaning, which translates into less maintenance and, therefore, fewer stops for cleaning.

In addition, through closed-loop ink delivery system allows recirculation of ink for all channels. In turn, this translates into fewer obstructions, less maintenance and greater precision in printing. New printers also offer a total control of the flow of ink and the drop size, so users can easily determine the ideal saturation. Print at resolutions of 300 print settings, 600 and 1200 dpi let you play bright white and vivid colors. PowerBRIGHT inks pigmented base water, both as white CMYK, are equally bright about light and dark garments. The result is impeccable on cotton, cotton blends and other media for general use. All printers AnJet are manufactured at EE UU with components of international origin, and employ based inks water which respect the environment.

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