No Efficiency Is The Same That Effectiveness

Which age are you? 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 or 50. or more? It doesn’t matter. Although I list ages that represent different generations, often very different from one to another, they all share a value that has formed in some one aspiration, in others a reality, and in others more a stigma, perhaps. They taught us the efficiency as a powerful value of progress and the possibility of material well-being, but oh surprise! It is that we have passed us many years working and learning and giving the best of ourselves and being increasingly better, with more responsibilities and more skills and., we have not seen that this has resulted in a genuine quality of life. Why? This is a reflection, an essay on the subject is to understand what happens. I do not intend to establish any law or a new approach; nor I propose that these two words cease to be synonymous, although it seems that they are.

I looked for any explanation that would allow me to improve in my life and in fact already I am doing for some time. The solution I found was: concentrate on efficiency and not on efficiency. I got are practical conclusions, and definitely his intention is that they be practices. They are based on what I saw in me and I’ve seen in many others. I agree with them to you if you are useful. Here are: efficiency: doing things very well in time and form. Efficiency: the above but in order to achieve a result. Efficiency: I focus on the process.

Efficiency: I focus on the result. Efficiency: remove 10 qualification, honorable mentions, stars in the front, etc. Efficacy: really learn. Efficiency: lots of energy, much sweat, frequently the same results. Efficiency: less energy. less sweat, more intelligent work and perhaps new challenges and scenarios. Efficiency: pour desire. Efficiency: improvements and tangible changes. Efficiency: in the end often puzzled, fatigue, uncertainty. Efficacy: enormous satisfaction always. Efficiency: operational. Efficacy: strategic. Efficiency: not very productive. Efficiency: very productive. Efficiency: installed, desperately repetitive patterns. Efficacy: creativity and innovation possible. Efficiency: meet well to others: family, State, school, pattern. Efficacy: meet with me before that everything and everyone else. Efficiency: I work for the others. Effectiveness: it is a good start if I want to work for me. Efficiency: Pats on the shoulder. Efficacy: happiness and deep gratitude. Efficiency: get along with everyone. Efficiency: look good with me. What do you prefer? Be efficient or effective?

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