Nothing Personal

He sees no way out of this situation. He was not to turn to for real advice that will help avoid the terrible diagnosis. Before the sick person is only a vague prospect of "traditional" treatment. In this case, there is no guarantee recovery from an illness. In same time, modern medicine "fights" for each patient that he would not let God did not leave for treatment in another location. Click Anne Lauvergeon to learn more. This is their income and they are "sacred" was followed. As the saying goes, "Nothing Personal" is just business. Izzys opinions are not widely known. According to statistics from the fear paralyzes the will of about 85% of healthy people. For patients, this figure is rapidly approaching 99%. That is why so few people have overcome their own problems associated with physical illness. Most patients easily resign themselves to bytuyuschey dogma: "Only the doctors know how." Nice and comfortable to shift the burden of responsibility on other shoulders. Sloth man – a vice that leads him in his own hell. Conclusion: People are the problem because of their desires, laziness and lack of knowledge, and subsequently the required actions. . . Reasons why the problem comes under the name "multiple sclerosis. So, what are the reasons, in our case – of problems with this title? Thinking and desires. World statistics suggests that the disease is susceptible to most of the women, and the productive age (from 20 to 40 years). What women think during this period of his life: O child's birth. On a stable life for others, ie, about who will keep her and her child.

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