Office Automation

The rise of Office Automation in enterprises has increased the possibilities of making reports with a professional finish, with lots of graphics and illustrative diagrams that can make them more enjoyable and understandable, but often what you get is to increase the ambiguity and confusion, as well as lead to increased spending on paper and ink, which goes against the current ecological trend! Actually the worst is not the waste of resources on consumables, but lost time, both by the person/s making it / n, as that monitors what, if any, and the set time spent in meetings that is expose and explain the voluminous report of a hundred pages or slides. Is more, what usually happens in these cases is that in the twelve slide, for example, the members of the meeting enzarzaran in a discussion about such paragraph or such nuance, which is not clear; in the 17th, with the interpretation of the data in this area: hum, will be well? No, it cannot be, that is wrong with it or don’t get to slide one hundred, or at the latest thirty moves very over the top, because it has become late. Reports of a page (which is in a sense similar to the box of balanced scorecard, which I will explain in another article) is a technique that tries to avoid this kind of situations. The method in question consists that any report can be condensed into a page, whether a campaign of marketing, a report of costs, or a project to develop a new product. Keith Yamashita insists that this is the case. For this purpose, leads the report with a headline, journalistic style; for example: the new yogurt biodesnatado multifruit will sell ten million units the first year, with a profit of two million euros (this already everyone is clear what the report). And then develops the report, with the particularity that can only occupy one page. Although it seems that in certain cases it may be insufficient, it obliges a concision and clarity which greatly reduces the need for explanatory meetings. The more long is the report, more likelihood of misunderstandings or contradictory issues.

It also requires the person that makes it a very thorough analysis of the report that presents, since the reduced size, contrary to what may seem at first, requires an effort of synthesis of information and extraction of the most relevant information, form when arises work this way, many people have to rewrite their reports several times until they manage to put them on a single page. And as said Mark Twain, as I have no time to write a short letter I write a long. P.S. This article is an example of a page report. Enough, isn’t it? Original author and source of the article.

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