Online Business

In addition, many webmasters want their pages to remain “off the radar” and for that reason, put passwords that keep the crawlers or robots that turn to the exclusion protocol, programs that can protect, since they part of a website. However, the main reason is merely quantitative: the web is a vast virtual mass movement, and no search engine will cope.

The amount of the web surface, ie the amount of email addresses that the search engines have achieved to date is estimated at approximately 167 terabytes, but the amount of the deep Web, also known as DeepNet, invisible web site or hidden, that is, the amount of pages that have not been “touched” by the crawlers, is estimated at approximately 91 terabytes. 91 Developers and research teams have nightmares when they think of this data. Most of the web is not even detected! SEO + Top promoters in 1997-the same year that the search engines recognized that webmasters grasped dishonest in their listings, “the acronym SEO began to circulate.

The website is an ocean, and its importance in daily life and commercial growing. With the business boom, many futurists and social scientists came to predict that, in some areas, trade face disappear. Since 1997, developers were applied to the development of Focused crawlers or topical crawlers. Although they decided to sell sponsored links “advertising, these paid links that appear on the banks of the results of a search-the search engines know they can not artificially impose a site.

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