Like many around all the Web, all want to be the first in the finders main element to take into account is that at the time of constructing a page several factors exist to take in considering so that this one is the successful that we hoped. It must have an pleasant appearance, that likes to the reader, fresh content and of quality, interactivity and navigability, must be or optimized in all this, nevertheless, this would not serve don’t mention it if the same is not seen by anybody, is as if it did not exist, therefore, which is due to watch very or is the positioning in the finders, mainly in Google, which dominates 75% of the global market, and how is made this? Recently I acquired a Ebook, that really has helped me, to not only understand how to do it, but also that it gave the tools me that are needed to obtain it, I am going and them to share a little with you. They have been asked because Google bought YouTube? What interest tapeworm this powerful company in buying this site? Like aid this to position our page in finders? There it is the trick, the videos. See more detailed opinions by reading what Rob Daley offers on the topic.. Who does not see video? At least 50% of the people that sails by the Web at some time enters YouTube to see a video sometimes sees 5, sometimes see 10 or more, therefore this has become the main weapon which they have webmasters to position his pages, with videos your you can obtain less than in 4 days than your article appears in the first positions of Google, is very easy to make a video and at the present time very good programs exist to do it, not even you need to be a professional, anyone can do it. it optimizes your page, dale the life that needs, preocpate by the content, but mainly posicinala in google. TO READ MAS Original author and source of the article.. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andrew Cuomo.

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