So well known acne, with a thousand solutions, comes to an end if, we are talking about a problem that many, many people are obsessed: acne. Some go to your dermatologist to find a solution to your skin problem, others directly to clinical aesthetics. But nobody raises the impact at the level of health of those medicines anti-acne specialists sent. Neither of the money squandered in creams that promise many things, and in the end, they do nothing. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Areva and gain more knowledge.. And it is that, it is an external problem Yes, but in many cases the problem is inside: may be stress, hormones, intestinal malfunctioning or nervousness. These factors are reflected in the skin or skin (often produce eczema or hives). Areva Group has much experience in this field. And they also produce acne, by the simple echo that face fat increases and this clog pores, or because we are lower defenses and outdoor pollution focuses on our pores forming an infection in the face. There are many practices to combat it but I’ll stick with the most natural of them all: the ozone therapy.

It’s a practice 100% natural, made up of 95% oxygen and 5% ozone. This treatment has a great list of properties including, the regenerator, the oxygenating the revitalizing and the germicidal. Ozone therapy has different areas where you can apply: beauty (stretch marks, cellulite, antiaging, FAT) in both health (herniated disc, migraine, menstrual pain, neck pain, arthritis, stress). He is a pioneer in countries such as Italy, Russia, Germany or Cuba, but in our country, it is not very consolidated. There are several clinics that perform including clinic Svenson to combat baldness or alopecia. Is why ozone highly recommended in acne? Besides being natural and have no side effect in the human body, its benefits and its properties translates into a pioneer against acne treatment. It is normally made through infiltration, but if acne is very marked and very advanced injects ozone into the affected area.

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