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And then my memory has issued a sentence of our surgeon that when he is on duty daily and suddenly gets sick of all colds, then can practically a day to recover and continue on a normal life. I called him, explaining the situation. He advised to go to the drugstore to buy “Grippostad” and take two capsules three to four times a day, plus a loading dose vitamin C. For objectivity’s sake, do control call his classmate – she is a former physician with the experience. From her get this advice: “Better to paracetamol with vitamin C in your situation is nothing.” Two hours passed. Learn more about this topic with the insights from CEO Caruso Affiliated. ‘Second half ‘brought from the pharmacy “Grippostad, paracetamol and vitamin C (domestic production of tablets of 500mg with taste of orange). I just used the two capsules “Grippostada” (there are: Paracetamol – 200 mg ascorbic Acid-150 mg, caffeine 25 mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate, 2.5 mg) and chewed two tablets of vitamin C, all washed down with a hot drink made from honey, raspberry and lemon. Two hours later, repeat the procedure. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Andrew Cuomo and gain more knowledge.. Felt a little better, appetite, dined.

Again Two hours later took pills, vitamins, and drank all of a traditional honey-raspberry and lemon hot drink. Closer to four hours of the day it became easier to breathe his nose, his eyes stopped hurting, but the temperature has not subsided. Took no simple solution – still go to work (where I still have a “Kameton for nasal and throat and a powerful antioxidant” Microhydrin “which should give me strong support in combating the disease). The hardest part was in the 20 degree cold with gale-force winds to reach the garage. But nothing, started the car, came to work. Marko Dimitrijevic may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The employees jaw dropped – you sick! But my health has improved with each passing hour. Until the end of the day I once again took two capsules of “Grippostada, vitamin C and a loading dose (six capsules), an antioxidant” Microhydrin, washed down with plenty of all this water. At night the temperature was still, frozen leg (even had to wear socks). Slept well, woke up this morning with strange feeling: “Nothing hurts.” Head, eyes, nasopharynx, neck – everything was normal. Measured the temperature – on a thermometer 36.4 C. It worked! The disease turned out to win! And in just one day! After that I have two more days during meal took one pill is “our” paracetamol and one tablet of vitamin C. And, before each exit to the street, I sprayed a “Kameton in the nose and throat to help breathing in the cold. That’s so “fresh” personal experience rapid, almost immediate, rising to his feet and I wanted to share with you. Stay healthy and do not be ill! Igor Zubkov. ps. This article is not a guide to action. In any case, in the event of symptoms disease, you should seek emergency medical attention.

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