It joins in a pan with oil of dend (little) peppers, 1 xcara of shrimps, the onions, the ginger, the garlic and salt the taste refogando slightly. It opens cookies to the way and stuffs with the fried sauce. BACALHOADA To the PORTUGUESA* 1 100 borecole mallet troncha cozidas g of black olives without caroo 12 average potatoes peeled and cozidas 4 entire onions cozidas 4 perforated teeth of garlic 4 eggs cooked 4 ece of fishes of cod, without salt, skin, spines and cozidas Oil candy Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste Vinegar the taste In a great crosspiece separately arranges ece of fishes, borecoles, potatoes, eggs, the onions and the olives. It also serves separately the oil, the pepper, the vinegar, the garlics and the salt. Each one serves and tempers the taste. COD WITH ARROZ* mallet of salsinhas pricked 1 great onion ralada 1 can of peas 1 broth tablet of beicon esfarelado 1 xcara (tea) of oil 1000 g of cod without the salt, the skin, stew and unweaving (or another dry fish) 2 perforated teeth of 2 garlic xcaras (tea) of raw rice washed in 5 waters 3 tomatoes without skin and 4 seed xcaras (tea) of hot water In a refogueno pan oil the broth (beicon), the onion and the garlic until being a little golden, later joins the cod, the tomatoes and salsinhas refogando a little more.

In one pirex arranges in the deep half of the fried sauce and superficially it spreads the peas and it places the rice, completing with the other half of the fried sauce adding the hot water. It has led to the oven and it leaves to bake covered with paper aluminum. COD WITH BRCOLIS* 1 mallet of broccolis cooked and cut to the taste 1 beaten egg 1000g of peeled potatoes cozidas and espremidas 2 perforated onions 5 perforated teeth of 50 garlic g of 50 butter g of 500 ralado cheese g of cod without the salt, the skin, stew and unweaving (or another 500 dry fish) g of perforated tomatoes perforated Chive the taste Salt perforated the Salsinha taste the Refogar taste the broccolis in the butter (1 soup spoon) with garlic and salt the taste.

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