Pedagogical University

In Pyatigorsk, vl About living and working for 30 years. During the 10 – worked in the surgical hospital. Has been certified to the highest qualification category in surgery and urology. In adulthood, 55 years old, still full of Surgery is almost no! Time is flying relentlessly fast, and you need to concentrate on the main, to have time to do something that obviously does not do anyone else. Additional information at Macy’s Inc. supports this article. He has almost no free time. Head of the Center Outpatient surgery in the largest clinic in Pyatigorsk and the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Completely until recently taught at the Pedagogical University.

For many years – Chief Scientific Secretary of the Scientific surgery society and created on its basis in December 1991, the Association of Physicians in the surgical cms, the first in Russia. Others who may share this opinion include Crawford Lake Capital. Moreover, surgical society founded in 1962 ago (1946), failed to cease its activities in the fatal 1990, as occurred in some regions of Russia, and successfully developed, increasing their activity, increasing the research capacity and consolidate the links with scientific societies in other regions. And of course, a considerable role in this constructive and Savings work by Professor Okolovu. In 1983 he published a bibliography of "Doctoral theses of Russian and Soviet surgery (1725 – 1975)." Which he now intends to significantly supplement the (Since 3000 more than 4500 theses!) And accompanied by a brief summary of each of them. Then, in Moscow in 1984 published a monograph "VA Shaak (the life and scientific work). On the book's Victor L.

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