Perfect Makeup For Men

Cosmetics shop always causes a storm of enthusiasm among girls and women. And men, by contrast, trips to such places incredible burdens. Why does this happen, because everyone loves himself and loves to care for themselves? Point is that Almost the entire production is intended for the fairer sex. And it’s not a secret. Of course, with regard to makeup, everything is clear. For more information see emil michael. A man is to anything blush, mascara and other purely “women’s stuff.” A when it comes to creams, lotions, scrubs? Here’s another situation.

Caring means are necessary to everyone regardless of gender or status. But it so happened that the choice of male cosmetics are much narrower than the female. But in However, no one denies that people need the stronger sex, it is less. In this regard, it has become more urgent issue male line. The Israeli company also DeSheli not only lagged behind this trend, but rather significantly succeeded in this! Develop a cosmetic line that is equally suited to both women and men, really worth it. And despite the fact that the series was developed specifically for not the stronger sex, it did not weakens their validity. Cosmetics Crystal Youth is the best product for men. Tools developed exclusively from natural ingredients, always speak for themselves.

Only nature can restore us to freshness, youth and beauty! Naturalness – the quality mark. The composition of Crystal Youth includes the following ingredients: olive oil, celandine, chamomile extract, jojoba, ginseng, witch hazel, cucumber, aloe, cranberry, apple seed extract, vegetable glycerin, propolis, beeswax, minerals and proteins from the Dead Sea, shea butter (karite), milk proteins, vitamins A, B, C, E, provitamin B5, and more. But the advantages of cosmetics Crystal Youth from “Desheli” are not only natural ingredients and focus on men. Central to the success of this product is a special technology, the company’s patented DeSheli. It is called “intelligent crystals.” It is this technology manufacture of cosmetics and due to the incredible efficiency of the line Crystal Youth. On the male body “smart crystals” are the same as in the female. They are particles of sucrose, which help useful substances penetrate into the deeper areas of the skin. Thus, there is an active support not only the top layer of skin (epidermis), but also such hard layers, the dermis and hypodermis as. Getting to them can only “intelligent crystals. ” Dermis and hypodermis And in need of care no less than others. In this way we get instant results from the procedures of Israeli cosmetics company DeSheli. When beginning to return the natural function of the skin, returns and youth. In cosmetics DeSheli provides the most versatile set of components that make the procedure safe and effective. And who says that men are less willing to be beautiful, healthy and young? The product they are happy to not less than women! So we can say with certainty that today began a new era in the world of cosmetology – the era of DeSheli.

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