Petrol Coupons

Experts predict a rise in fuel prices, which will happen in the near future. They predicted that the New Year price will jump up to 9 USD per liter for A-95. There are several reasons: rising oil prices, increasing the excise duty on petrol and increase in duties on importation of fuel. And the desire to earn extra money more, which is one of many factors rise in price of anything and everything in Ukraine. Against the background of these forecasts again becomes relevant as a service filling stations petrol coupons or rather coupons for fuel.

You can still have time to stock up on gasoline or diesel fuel or gas for the 'old' prices. Because coupons are issued not on the prepayment amount and per liter. Thus, buying 300 liters by 7.40, you can refuel on these coupons when the price is already 9 USD, as all the experts predict, as we pointed out above. Almost all gas stations offer the network the service. Some, such as Azovnefteprodukt buyer or Parallel gets coupons for a certain number of liters: 10-15-20 … and then when refueling the car to change them for fuel.

Other stations give customers cards that we have already mentioned, is credited not hryvnia, namely liters. Some dressing, such as Ukrnafta teamed with banks. Ukrnafta fuel card can be issued at the Department of Privat and fill in his office, which is very handy, considering how extensive network of offices in the bank. From my personal experience I can only say that personally I prefer it Tallon. Since having a fuel card you'll have to go out each time you fill the car that would bring the card and enter PIN that's not always convenient, especially in winter or during the peak summer heat. So we can safely say that when you buy fuel card or Tallon gasoline you save your money. Agree that the fear of lower prices for fuel in our times stupid. time when petrol cost 3.20 left and perhaps never to return. So save your money, buy fuel in advance and enjoy every time refueling on 'the old price. "

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