Phillips Economic

This demonstration of applicability of the model of Phillips to the Brazilian reality must only to the fact of if constituting in full an irrefutable test of that the mentors and executors of the neoliberalismo had previous and knowledge of the harmful results the one who would arrive with the measures traced in the Consensus of Washington, rank that the underlying theoretical fund to the mechanisms of inflationary control and unemployment (Arched of Phillips) already had been divulged since the decade of 50. Others of this, and far from intending to diminish the clarifying power of the theories that they look to elucidate the reasons that had generated as much unemployment at this time of economic neoliberalismo, is curious to observe that this boarding of the unemployment through the curve of Phillips has past disregarded for famous social scientists (economists and not economists, national and foreign), as can be evidenced in the reading of authors as Stolen Celso, Mrcio Pochmann, Paul Singer, Gilbert Dupas, Peter of the Mota Fertile valley, Milton Saints, Nali Souza, Sandoval Vasconcelos, Octvio Ianni, Joseph Stiglitz, Franois Chesnais, John K. the Galbraiths, Paul Krugman, Sergio Boisier, David Harvey, Pablo Gentili, Goran Therbon, Nicolas Stern, amongst numerous other observers of the process of social exclusion ahead of the new world-wide economic order. 3. Neoliberalismo, Globalization Real Plan and Unemployment the neoliberalismo, understood here, as that set of measures elaborated in the Consensus of Washington, in 1989, aimed at, in the truth, to create conditions so that the become indebted Latin American countries more, as Brazil, retook the way of the growth and obtained to pay its debts next to the international creditors, therefore what it was in game were international the financial capitals. Passed almost two decades of this bitter lapsing, Brazil and Latin America do not capsize to fulfill the expectation of economic growth. In contrast, the consequences continue harmful: the unemployment increased, the wages drastically had been reduced and wealth if concentrated still more. . Recently California Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) sought to clarify these questions.

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