Photographic Equipment

The date of the official invention of photography recognizes January 7, 1839 by Louis Jacques Dugger goda.Frantsuz unveiled a method for obtaining the image on the silver salts, which has opened. But that picture became a kind of We vosprinemaem now it took more than 100 years and many issledovaniy.V mid-19th century photography began its rapid growth and more and more people become interested in her. But there were a lot earlier researchers who wondered: 'How can you capture a particular moment in life without a brush. " For many centuries before the discovery of photography was known camera obscura, a dark room with a small hole in one wall, mention of the Mercator found in IV century BC. Oe. Itron is likely to agree. Followers of the Chinese philosopher Mo Dee – moisty describe the appearance of an inverted image on the wall of a darkened room.

Mention of the camera obscura are found in Aristotle. It is known that Leonardo da Vinci was very interested in optics and was familiar with the camera obscura. That's how he described how it works: "When things get illuminated image through a small round hole into a dark room, then putting some distance away from the hole sheet of white paper, you'll find it at all the items in their respective sizes and colors and will be reduced size and converted to because of the aforementioned intersection of the rays. Image of an object illuminated by the sun, it will seem as if drawn on paper, if you take the tissue paper and the image is viewed from behind. " Further improvement camera obscura was happening in parallel with the emergence points of astronomical instruments. Over time, the camera obscura became known as a box with a hole in the front wall, which housed a biconvex glass (Lens) was inserted into the back of the frame with a translucent paper or frosted glass.

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