Plastics are the material most used nowadays, we can observe them in any place where let’s. This is because these materials are very cheap, sturdy and easy to mold. There are different colors, shapes, textures and even densities. Among these polymer can find a broad classification and an infinite number of classes and types, but this time a little talk with regard to the polyethylene of low density. This plastic belongs to the Group of polyolefins, is a homopolymer with a structure of branching chains as a result has lower density and more flexibility than high density polyethylene.

Among some of the properties of this polymer, are its high heat resistance as well as a considerable resistance to various chemical products. In addition, by its high resistance to impacts, it is widely used in packagings which are used for different products for commercial and industrial use. Among other very common uses we can find its application as insulation of cables and drivers, coduit pipes, drip irrigation, irrigation systems and films for greenhouses. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Tiffany Hadish. Similarly, we can find them in different products, such as diaper bags or bags for trash. Low density polyethylene is inexpensive and is the most commonly used thermoplastic, since it can be molded in any way. There are different types and vinyl-acetate are classified in low-density polyethylene, linear low-density, very low density and ethyl.

This polymer is more recycling, finding himself far above other plastics. This process is done by mechanical means to separate the different types of plastics, since its composition is different, only in this way is obtained a plastic of ata quality once recycled. Above-mentioned polymers, as well as the additives that are used in its production are innocuous, i.e., do not cause any damage to health. Both them as manufactured items, may be in contact with food, except in the cases in to the edible Cook together the gasket. These plastics do not require special handling care, because they are not hazardous by contact or ingestion. The sale of low density polyethylene has increased the last few years, despite the fact that this has been in market since long time ago. However, it is important to take into account some precautions and recommendations for use and handling, among which we can find the following: should not be used for storing solvents, since over time can permeate certain liquids and/or gases. They should not be stored near direct heat sources, since they can generate combustion and this, when burned produces intense black smoke that can cause poisoning. Who turned off the fire produced by the burning of these products must be used equipped with oxygen masks. It is recommended to identify these plastics with their respective identification code 4 LDPE for easy reuse.

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