Portugal Parking

Customer survey of the rental car provider CarDelMar gives information about parking situation in holiday destinations and parking behavior by car travellers Hamburg, 11.07.2013 in tourist strongholds far too expensive!”is a Italy-holiday-makers the CarDelMar interviewed within the framework of a customer survey to the parking situation and its parking behavior in the holiday destination. Italy among the survey participants truncates the worst ever: here have vacationers get the most speeding tickets and most unzufriedensten comment on the signs of the Park rules, parking facilities, as well as to the State of parking garages or guarded parking lot. The respondents, however, better assess the situation in other countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and the United States. To read more click here: Macy’s. Most of the survey participants specify well-formed to behave: parking is available only where it is allowed. Survey among travellers in top holiday countries within the framework of a customer survey CarDelMar car rental customers interviewed 2081, which since October 2012 in France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain or a vehicle rented to the United States. The holiday car rental company wanted to know whether and what sources they had informed in advance about the parking rules in the country and what experience had made them when parking on the holiday.

The rear registration rate was very high,”noted CarDelMar Managing Director Carsten Greiner. This shows that the theme park tourists under the nails burns.” Most holidaymakers rules almost all respondents Park in the country, namely 95% behaved in the holiday at least knowingly well-formed. Only 5% indicated that at least once consciously to have parked their car, where it was not allowed for example because there is no other parking spaces, or because they did not with checks. The knowledge of parking rules in the holiday region can be however many survey participants to be desired: only 75% of all participants were informed in advance of the trip, moderately or well about it to have been, 25% started with little or even no knowledge in the holiday.

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