Preparation Software

Students correspondence courses, schoolgirls on vacation who just do not have to look at these jobs. And most importantly – you pay them money. Your money. That is why, having made a simple calculation of roi, most managers are inclined to move to a system and auto-document preparation. The transition from "manual labor" came at last, and to this area.

Here, however, lies a serious problem. Despite the objective demand software of this kind, this niche is still if not empty, then filled with extremely poor. Yes, big companies have their own cio can afford to allocate funds for the establishment software products to suit your needs. But what about individual entrepreneurs, small businesses and other people? After all, an integrated system would include the preparation of document templates to create your own, Preparation of documents for creating business scenarios, and having a centralized archive of records, simply did not exist. Fortunately, a few years ago, the company EleWise already taken the first step toward anyone who wants to make their work with documents quickly and efficiently, and is now pleased to announce the continuation of work in this direction and the release of version 2.0 is already proven with the best of software AvtoDok. AvtoDok – is AutoComplete system model documents and packages of documents based on templates. Pleasant and intuitive interface is designed so that the automated interactive templates can created in ms Word or ms Excel ordinary users who do not know programming skills. Hamdi Ulukaya may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In version 2.0 the opportunity to work with Open Office.

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