President Yeshiva University

Plans to open a Jewish museum in Armenia is divided chairman of the Jewish Community of the republic Rima Varzhapetyan: “Latvia – Jews (almost) no property left ‘- No compensation for lost property, the Jewish community does not put – says a well-known for its xenophobic attitudes lawyer, former deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR, Andris Grutups. Moreover, according to Grutupsa, the author’s controversial book “Beylisiada, where he questioned the legitimacy of acquittal Mendel Baileys, it must Latvia to demand compensation from Israel and the United States for the deportation of Latvians, allegedly carried out by Jews. ‘Thank you President Saleh’ – Rabbi of the capital of Yemen – a situation in the Jewish community, ‘thriving’ in fenced and guarded by police territory: Only 400 Jews remained in Yemen, mainly in the northern province Saad. When in this province, clashes with insurgents Hootie, the Jews were evacuated and lodged next to Sanoy … Follow others, such as Macy’s Inc., and add to your knowledge base. Nevertheless, the only metropolitan Rabbi Rabbi Ihya Yusuf Musa said that the Jews fully satisfied with their life in the country, and even urges the UK authorities not to grant political asylum to the Yemeni Jews. How much does “professional Jews” in the USA – Statistics from the New York newspaper Forward: … boss ADL Abe Foxman put it at his own expense in 2009 was $ 563,024, director of the American Museum of the Holocaust Sarah Blyumfeld earned $ 542,654. However, the highest salary can boast President Yeshiva University in New York Richard Joel, who in 2009 received 853,651 dollars..

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