Printed Concrete Treatments

HDI, printed concrete specialists trust and microcemento in HDI Micropavimentos we offer you unique for all type flooring finishes: from the floor of your bathroom or kitchen, your pool or garden to the football field room a sports center or parking. A relationship with unbeatable value for money we guarantee you work with the materials of the market and we offer exclusive designs and adapted to your needs. Besides microcemento and printed concrete, also work with other applications like polyurethane, resins epoxy, etc. do you pave with printed concrete? Its technical advantages include their great strength, durability and consistency before impact, abrasion and all types of deterioration. Printed concrete is without doubt one of the best materials for road surfacing since its design is 100% customizable and adaptable to any environment.

If this also add you all the physical properties and advantages offered, the printed concrete becomes a material star for all interior and exterior floors. How we work the printed concrete? On the fresh concrete is applied a dye sprinkled until it is well coated. Once this process, solidifies again apply another layer of dusted, in this case remove product. Immediately apply the desired moulds: uan time 48 hours proceed to the removal of the remains of dust and dirt by sweeping and washing with pressurized water machines. To achieve a quality finish, finally, we add a healing liquid layer that eliminates stoppages of the printed concrete and leaves a shiny floor.

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