Processes Characteristics

Performance by skills was born immersed in theories of motivation, organizational psychology looking for explain successful job performance; Now we must assume in the required interdisciplinarity of the human resources management. And the complexity of your object can not avoided: the powers of persons in their interaction with jobs work, the work environment and organizational culture, where human psychology and its epistemology or theory of knowledge occupy an important place. The competency management arises with the positivist paradigm bias and the imprint of pragmatism, taking boom in advanced business practice and success since 1990. As a complement to this process is the design of occupational profiles that make reference to the personal characteristics which must be the candidate to ensure execution as it establishes the charge designed in an appropriate relationship of complementarity. It is the case for example of a charge whose critical success factor is the constant innovation, will be required to ensure its execution a person possessing such as competence, creativity and achievement orientation, among other features that are not achieved through training programs or who never allow such outstanding performance as who possesses these characteristics naturally.

The current trend is towards versatile jobs or multi skills, will have to ensure that the basis, charge profile or profile of competence, is accordingly maintained with that trend so that they do not mean a typecasting or legal lock, but a flexible range or referential framework with a wide profile, favoring performance or job enrichmentboth in its horizontal and vertical. Having people who possess appropriate characteristics has become the guideline for the management of human resources. This approach fails to perceive the charges as fixed units, designed to meet the functional responsibilities regardless of the people who occupy it and tries to transform them into dynamic units that form part of the important processes aimed to meet expectations and needs of both internal clients of external clients, where the emphasis is made on the characteristics of the person who occupies the position.

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