Professional Investigative Unit Colombia

Biography Ubate Born in 1980. His humble family took him to 10 years to Cucuta, where at age 14 he moved to Bogota to finish high school, his only formal education, ie has not been studies in economics or finance. In the capital of Colombia got a job as a packer in a factory of cake.The following year was linked to an agency that was casting extras for television, where he worked as a cameraman, later became a casting director in film and television in Colombia, of which the film highlights Murcia Bol var soy yo . worked in 2001, when he was 21, producing videos in Santa Marta tours. Hence, in 2003, he moved to Huila, where he founded the Solidarity Network DMG selling car raffles and managed care subsidy to low-income people. Pitalito, according to the same Murcia, had to leave for indelicacies comments from you. In late 2003 comes to La Hormiga , Putumayo, where up without money, so it gets involved in social work from the Parish of Perpetual Help, where you give a program on the station for Murcia survive by sharing advertising and sale of raffle tickets.According to documents found by the Colombian Attorney until 2005 he worked promoting videos with a modest salary of 309,000 pesos (about 100 at the time). In early 2004, he managed in Bogota a cr of 1 million pesos ( 500) in natural products, and soon appeared in La Hormiga with appliances as Murcia managed to acquire for resale with the advances of the same customers, but to date no journalistic investigations or the authorities have managed to trace the origin of the first capital, but in pre-trial hearing that is advanced against the defense murcia said two defense investigators assigned to the Professional Investigative Unit of Defense (UID) are the material elements of proof and physical evidence that shows the origin of the initial capital with which to form the company.Within months, Murcia well as new branches in neighboring towns and incorporates the use of DMG name, acronym of his name. Thereafter, in early 2005 at the age of 25, founded the company in Bogota “DMG Group SA with a capital of 100 million pesos (50,000 dollars) and continues to establish the alleged pyramid under the guise of the marketing of products, which quickly gave him the chance to have a significant cash flow that authorities attribute to the underground economy is managed in this region of Colombia for the production of coca paste. Murcia, head of DMG, is shown as a great potentate in southern Colombia who came to have up to a private television channel, through their own company stock Transval conveyor, which was managed by his brother. According to Minister of Defense of Colombia, recent research has shown that Murcia was wearing a flamboyant life with the profits, resulting from DMG.Murcia all the rooms rented an entire floor of the luxurious hotels where he stayed, to the point that you paid your last bill at a hotel was 57,000. It also had a fleet of at least 12 luxury vehicles including various brands of cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Mercedes-Benz as well as 3 yachts and 2 private planes. On 17 December, in an interview broadcast by the program La Noche RCN TV, Murcia said that cars were rented and would be taken to an exhibition in Bogota, and the luxuries that were not unlike those of his employer a high level. At 10:30 pm Wednesday 19 November 2008, Murcia Guzm n was arrested on a farm in Capira (district of Panama) in the north of Panama City without resistance.

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