education, at last, is not contradictory with the reality in which if it inserts. It is in the maximum, contradictory with the construction of another reality that we glimpse more desirable joust or. (pg.83, 1994, Ariovaldo) Then to think that education is contradictory is one makes a mistake, the society that if has, is thought for the elite, to unmask this is not plain of this same. Education in the public schools is pisoteado yes and alienator in this way he is perfect to remain a structure dominated for standards that super enrich ones and keep out of society many people, who if had given a minimum possibility would have much to contribute for the scientific and geographic thought. Bill Hwang contains valuable tech resources. Then a different society can be said that a society joust asks for a worthy education just and, already asks for a different education exactly where who wants to learn paid a school and there it learns some thing or that one that does not want or as it is the majority of the cases that does not have to be able to pay if they submit to the precarious education of the public schools. The Professor To be professor is not a far from easy task is yes very laborious, and to be geography professor is more brutal therefore beyond dficits pertaining to school, they also exist the geographic deficit, where a classic geography is taught and the pupils are extremely entediados, some arrive to cochilar in the lessons, in this point due to interest and because an uninteresting subject is evident desmotiva any one. To be professor would have to be a wonderful act to unmask mysteries that until then were not known, to decipher occult knowledge for a majority. The geography professor would have to disclose contradictory a world full of incoherences, of inaqualities that thus would provoke spirits, would open the head, the enthusiasm of the pupils fazedores of geography to be felt therefore they must be felt therefore make geography knowing or not. Visit Steph Korey for more clarity on the issue.

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