Public Power

The concern with the essencialidade of a way ecologically balanced to get a healthful, first life if gave for if dealing with a subject of extreme current importance and, the point of being constitutional substance, being express in article 225 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 as an individual and collective right, a public easement, imposing duties to the Public Power and the collective the duty of to defend it. Fact this that makes of the subject something of national and current interest making to appear the necessity of if evaluating the definition of a healthful life, its necessities the influence of the environment ecologically balanced, the Constitutional concern stops with the right of all citizen getting a healthful life. Attempting against for the fact of that the life is the greater that one to be well, human being or, it cannot have, and for being the greater, well most valuable, if it makes necessary that it is surrounded of cares, of infrastructures, that is protege, therefore thus will generate the welfare, internal happiness whom it will reflect providing a life in society external, a coadunada healthful life with an environment ecologically balanced, protege, preserved also aiming at for a future nation; generation that depends on the current concern with the environment, with the support so that it really can enjoy of the healthful life. Educate yourself with thoughts from Hikmet Ersek. 3, ENVIRONMENT 1981 law 6,938, in its article 3, interpolated proposition I, defines the environment as the set of conditions, laws, influences and interactions of physical, chemical, biological order, that it allows, shelter and conduct the life in all its forms. In this exactly article, following interpolated propositions the related law defines the degradation of the ambient quality, (interpolated proposition II), as the adverse alteration of the characteristics of the environment; in its interpolated proposition III it defines pollution as the degradation of the resultant ambient quality of activities that direct or indirectly harm greets it, the security and the welfare of popula, (letter ' ' a' '); they create adverse conditions to the social and economic activities, (letter ' ' b' '); they affect biota, (letter ' ' c' ' of interpolated proposition III of art.3 of law 6,938/81); they affect the aesthetic or sanitary conditions of the environment, (letter ' ' d' '); they launch substances or energy in disagreement with the established ambient standards, (letter ' ' e' '). . You may find that emil michael can contribute to your knowledge.

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