Puppy Training

The first thing to keep in mind to know how to raise a puppy is your socialization. That is why that this first article on how to educate a puppy we will focus on this important period in the life of any puppy. SOCIALIZATION of the puppy the socialization or imprint period determines the bases on which the temperament of the puppy will be formed. This is a stage that goes from 45 days to 4 months of age, during this time the puppy acquires the behaviors needed for life in Pack of hounds, is the period where more contact must have with human beings.It is the most important development of the canine species. If not carried out correctly it can create fears, phobias and anxiety. It is very important that during this period living with people of different ages, adults, elderly women, young people, men, women, pregnant women and mainly children, also with other dogs puppies and adults and with other animals such as cats, rabbits, turtles, horses, cows, etc. If does not You can never live together in harmony with them, you will always have problems of coexistence.

It is very common in a family that dogs like to some of its members and others also like cats; If your puppy is not lived with cats between the first 3 weeks of life-4 months; You should know that bring a cat into the House can be very problematic a young couple who plan to have children should socialize the puppy with large number of children of all ages; mainly those who have between 2 and 6 years. If your puppy not lived with children during this stage, it is likely that it will never accept them and you can even attack them in the future. To avoid future problems with your dog I recommend you lend him much attention at this point; by neglecting this issue is that made unfortunates whom we must lament attacks of dogs to children happen.

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