RealTime Suite EtherCAT

EtherCAT master more and more industrial enterprises successfully convert their control technology from conventional fieldbus systems on innovative real-time-Ethernet solutions like for example EtherCAT in action. For this conversion, the company provides essential function libraries with high-precision timestamps Kithara software. Developers benefit from a lean, on demand programming, and can make adjustments at any time yourself, so no “Black Box”. The accuracy is several kilohertz and Ethernet communication is supported for fast and Gigabit rates, as well as UDP and TCP. The preemptive MultiTasking ensures that the PC-based EtherCAT master with highest priority levels aggiert. Thus, the software is the ideal tool for all developers who implement real-time Ethernet or EtherCAT solutions.

So also for the engineers Hans Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH, the world leader in the field of fully automatic, computer-controlled joinery machines. Through many years of positive experience with the real time timer functions of the RealTime suite continues also today on the innovative technologies of Kithara Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH and has converted its ultra-modern machines on EtherCAT control units. The highly flexible machines saw, mill, drill, plane and transported fully automatically and produce almost any components from the wood material in. The entire connection for this complex and high-precision processing is handled through the real-time-Ethernet access in the control computer time-critical. The actual IP data communication is realized via the package Gigabit modules.

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