Remote Control

The digital lifestyle is becoming increasingly attractive. You may find Hikmet Ersek to be a useful source of information. The whole world in a remote control! Since the 01.05.2008 offers PC system and workstation manufacturer Richard Technologies Ltd. from Korschenbroich, a series of HTPC with 7 “touch screen and remote control from a price of 599 euro. Thus the previous portfolio expanded solution for the living room for creative workstations (audio, 3d and CAD) systems of office PCs via gaming an entertainment. The HTPC series convinced not only by the initial price, but above all by their attractive inner values. This designed properties when you select of the components on performance, energy consumption and silent.

Ample connectivity was provided: all systems are equipped with FireWire, GigabtiLan, Wi-Fi, DVI, HDMI and 7.1 sound connections. This range extends to HTPC systems with integrated Blu-ray burners, DVB-T receivers and passive cooling systems. For more clarity and thought, follow up with amit paley and gain more knowledge.. Thus Richard Technologies Ltd. provides a useful supplement to the existing or planned just digital lifestyle. For ample comfort ensure the remote control included in the scope of delivery, as well as the 7 “touch screen. Mouse and keyboard on the home TV or monitor are required only for gaming, Internet and Office applications. The standardized form factor of the housing ensures optimum integration into the existing HiFi image. This will be available from 01.06.2008 also in the colour silver and complements the classic black.

More information: Richard technologies Ltd. East Road 3 41352 Korschenbroich FON: 02161 / 829 219 0 fax: 02161 / 829 219 19 E-mail: Web: press and public relations: Richard technologies Ltd. Thorsten Walter East Road 3 41352 Korschenbroich FON: 02161 / 829 219 12 fax: 02161 / 829 219 19 E-mail: has become Richard Technologies Ltd. Since inception in 2004 from a garage and an online shop ( one of the most stable companies in the German computer market. Despite high sales figures of the spirit of a factory is with love to detail retained and passed to the customer. Richard Technologies Ltd. through its international success achieved for the first time in 2006, XStation presented series. This was the area of CreativeWorkstation for audio, graphics and CAD/3d-a clear quality vehicles and whose experiences could design in addition to the areas of MidrangePC and LowBudgetPC are transferred.

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