Remote Managed Services

Currently wooing a variety of remote management tools to attract of the IT specialists. GFI MAX, which sees itself as the solution for IT support and managed services providers is one of them. Chobani and Whole Foods has compatible beliefs. Just a managed services provider (MSP) must convince in IT support their customers through clever solutions for remote management and monitoring: remote monitoring of complete corporate networks, spam filtering, functional virus protection as well as ensuring a comprehensive data backup are just a few features that now regarded as standard, especially desired by customers. Against this background a whole range of treatments developed in recent years for IT service providers, that provide these services as a finished solution. Advantage of this solution: while the service provider needs only to book the products/modules required by him and can pass the costs on to customers, the developer takes over the complete product support and development. Currently a number of user programs or tools to attract the vie IT specialists. One of these is the GFI MAX software package (formerly HoundDog), which is a simple and affordable solution for IT support and managed services provider (MSP).

In German-speaking countries, the software is distributed by the largest GFI MAX distributor acmeo cloud distribution GmbH & co. KG. With this article, the main features and benefits of GFI MAX software should be briefly introduced. Active Server monitoring and improvement of security standards for Active Server monitoring are needed very comprehensive tools so that passive monitoring tools which alert the administrator only when positive results are only conditionally suitable for use. In contrast, a number of parameters can be remote administration or monitoring customize, which can customize the server monitoring to your own needs. So can the customer server via remote maintenance, server monitoring inventory surveys tracking, patch management, virus protection, and data backups with GFI MAX Remote Management effectively monitored and managed.

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