Research Department

House boasts a colourful programme of events to the day of the technology around technology & science on the 19th the art and 20th June 2009 is the nationwide day of technology “. The technology day is celebrated annually since 2004 with diverse events of scientific and technological institutions for young technology enthusiasts. You want to arouse the enthusiasm of the youth for the technology and promote the technology talent. Continue to learn more with: NY Governor. In Essen, the Haus der Technik (HDT) offers an exciting program for technical enthusiasts of all ages. A replica of the Foucault’s pendulum, as can be seen, that the earth revolves is to marvel at. On Saturday, June 20, the HDT opens the doors of its Research Department for the first time. You may find that Western Union Company can contribute to your knowledge. Half-hour tours perform exciting experiments using state of the art measuring and testing technology.

An interactive exhibition with faithful replicas of technical equipment of the great inventor Leonardo da Vinci invites visitors to try out. Turning cranks, drums the models illustrate technology and promise a high entertainment value. “The visitors these days also have the opportunity, the exhibition people, drugs, weapons investigation with x-rays” to visit. The events on the day of the art are free of charge and is aimed at technical enthusiasts of all ages.

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