Russian Federation

And! In the case of the passage of this procedure in a private office – fee of state technical inspection, which is 191 rubles 70 kopecks. A reasonable question arises: how to survive and develop businesses in the area of inspection in the presence of state competitor that provides its services to three times cheaper? By law, the economy, demand creates supply. The law applies in this case. Since the public vet at the moment only two units, they are not physically able to cater for car owners all over the city. Created huge queues, the employees and pac cdp stsi number 1 and number 2 advance warning vehicle owners that they must pass inspection to allocate a whole day. Source: James Woolsey. It is clear that not at all willing to pass inspection is time and patience, so it's high demand for honest firms, despite their higher cost.

The official website of the traffic police in St. Petersburg () service is available appointment by about half operating pto. On passing inspection at other stations often also possible to register in advance, but on their own sites of these organizations. All private tvet is the traffic police, who check the legitimacy of the documentation, compare rates and on the basis of diagnostic cards decides to issue a coupon, or to send a car to bring the vehicle to the public standards to which should correspond to each car in the Russian Federation. On this, as throughout Russia, are given 20 days. When troubleshooting this deadline, the re-inspection is free.

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