There is something that humans have not understood well. There is something that shines by its absence. (Source: PG&E Corporation). There is something that is absolutely something sacred in life and that is true love. Something that I’ve understood deeply and painfully is the Act of leaving try, not to allow putting obstacles to our own Sacred Heart. I don’t know what beliefs have the others with respect to the love of the soul, the love of the heart, the love of being but I stay silent and desvisto beliefs because they don’t have blood to live. And they are still accumulating hatreds and resentment by those who say love. True love is invisible in this world. You can’t see it.

Not with those eyes or with those trials. Not with those hands you can touch it and never conquer. You can not defeat love. You can only surrender and be on him or her. When you leave of surrender is that love disappeared, was far from here, was on your side. Not yours, as you either belong to the memory.

I want to shout aloud: that love is sacred and you don’t know it yet. No, you don’t. If you knew it you would have stopped talking of love long long time ago. Love is sacred it is sacred, more than sacred, rather than sacred don’t play to fall in love or fall in love anyone come out losing. You can only be one with him if it appears in your heart but only if it appears. But you cannot pretend things that you don’t feel or do juggling with the heart of anyone. Do not play to gamble the cores are fragile, very fragile. And they recompose century century; at least the sacred. Other hearts are sandpaper and filled with darkness and negruras that they themselves created but not so sacred. Love is sacred. Do not play to you be strong and invincible because that will be destroying your internal gardens very slowly and deeply. The love that never probastes or conocistes, is sacred. It is a different planet, a pure and white place, a heart chiquito and protected by the innocence of those looking for its stellar essence. Love is sacred. It is not a door that closes or a huge goodbye. It is a world that is finished or that begins don’t try to love as if it were one song rather than eavesdropping, an old verse or a desperate kiss. It is not anything like that. Love is sacred is sacred, it is sacred if it not hurt the morning he was born or the night that hides, is that you do not know what is to feel God in the middle of your chest. Love is sacred.

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