An immense sadness invades that heart, wants to run, flee, stop feeling at times, but understands that when that happens will be when life evaporate, go without even having the opportunity to embrace life, without feeling a flor de piel, that we both learn, but may not be so even if there is life. Fly in freedom, cry with happiness, know is big and small at the same time. Large: To be able to do whatever he wants, fly with its own wings, scratching if same, to find something that can give meaning to a life so short as anyone has it, to be able to flee to avoid having to turn back and see what I leave those sad passages, what therefore time has hurt subverting so the soul, and a heart that although it has enough to go and learn, has Le certain zest for life… Here, Hikmet Ersek expresses very clear opinions on the subject. such as perfume fades more delicious in the wind. Small: Alma petiza who still likes to feel mimes, who meet him one than another antojito, itself be spoiled, being guarded by another soul that worthwhile, since very small this soul has felt and known what is crying, and see them black but above all see that grey side of life, face mistreatment, blows, screams, not perhaps as other boys or girls that are very likely spent the worse, but so with sadness and crying at the same time longing existed, be that gave him being, it wasn’t that almite, all for work at all times, at the same time helped to endow the body, but that soul is lonely, beautiful felt on the outside but on the inside that you can say but despite the sadness also is fair to recognize that there were sonrisitas thousand times beautiful with laughter and gifts invaluable also existed, as not to mention an innocent childhood, games, toys, hide and seek, the haunted and the antics shared with his contemporaries. If find a conclusion to this is dire he that alma met the illusion that is not the same as love, an illusion so great that when I came to an end he left a huge void that accompanied that soul for more than two years, and as if was not a noble, tender soul both with the 15years, with the I started to discover something Some call love but I today call better illusion, a beautiful illusion, there were other illusions such as forgetting a friend’s childhood but today is that only a friend to which that soul and heart esteem, but love….

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