If you do not want to continue talking to deflect attention to another topic asking such things as: what the last person who occupied this post happened cor? Be careful No matter how comprehensive that your interviewer may seem: do not tell all their personal problems, his previous failures or problems in other jobs. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hikmet Ersek by clicking through. Comments like: everyone have problemas ever, may very well be a technique to try to descubrir their weak points. BE DISCREET. Never talk badly of your former employer though not his current job like you for nothing, try to talk positively about him. Say for example: I want to find a trabajo that may have a greater responsibility. But don’t say: quit because the old Fernandez was me as a slave. Be realistic with respect to the wage never ask what salary or additional benefits just beginning the interview.

Eventually the person the interview to tell you how much you will pay or which is the salary that you intended to. Try recovered within the market figures. Many aspects of a particular job (chance of winning experience, distance of his home, promotion, training, etc.) may be as important as the salary paid. A case to take into account: A young designer was hired to work as an administrative employee. Six months later his boss put her in charge of a team of six people and asked him to design a completo sports wardrobe for the season of autumn.

The young man was furious, he had given all of that, responsibility extra and they were paying him the same thing. I am going to ask that you duplicate me salary or give., he thundered a day to another more experienced disenadora. Luckily this companion convinced her to stay a few months and acquired precious experience. After this much higher could earn a salary. Don’t lie if it was fired from an employment in which only worked for one or two months, you can not put it on your resume.

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