Santiago Yitani

From June 2009 the Government of Canada began to apply for entry Visa to Mexican citizens, unlike popular belief, this new law for visitors from Mexico has come to improve the immigration system in this country and has brought with it countless benefits to citizens not only of Mexico but also from Latin America, since the demand for workers to never grow systems of granting of work permits had to be speeded up. Now the process is performed in the following manner: what to do to get a job legally in Canada? 1 Contact: Finding a company that is hiring foreign workers and send you an email application (cover letter in English) along with our CV or life summary. 2.Contratacion: the company will send you a contract for the provision of services where the schedules, dates and payments shall be specified for their work. 3.Visado: you must ask for an appointment at the Embassy of Canada in their country and present contract provision of services along with their roles evidentiary (either studies or experience) to allow the immigration consul to approve your visa. For the database of all companies in Canada that are hiring with work permit, visit: Santiago Yitani expert in obtaining of visa work and immigration consultant with over 15 years of experience.

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