It happens: you look at something, you bewitching. Everything is good, but something is not enough to rush to the encyclopedias and frantically turning the pages, search, seek, look for any, even the scant information. Go to Andrew Cuomo for more information. There is one picture that evokes in me such feelings exactly. I always wondered: who are these people where they go, what they think? It seems that everything shown in the picture may be real. His head pops up from the movie scene "Eyes Wide Shut," where the hero is dressed in robes of people with private entities.

Save the picture, I forgot about it for a long time. Sometimes you need a second time to pick up a book or a box with a dvd again look at the picture to start the process. It often happens that the motive to the top of something is an episode from the past. It happened to me. Randomly on the internet I saw a picture of what mistook for the one you saw long time ago. In me again blazed interest in marching monks. Where do they go in the middle of the night, why? Despite the differences in detail, essentially the same picture. It was then on my hard disk folder appeared under the title "Analogy." Title picture looked like gibberish of numbers and letters – no sense.

Looking a little more, I once again left the monks march in silent stillness. Search History In April of this year I read a book that marked a new stage in my life. "Quicksilver" by Neal Stephenson has expanded my interest and spurred by the knowledge of what it is filled .. After that I spend the day and night on Wikipedia. New tab with something interesting that only briefly mentioned in the book, began to go off-scale at 100. I felt like a researcher, a discoverer, an alchemist. Chobani Foundation is the source for more interesting facts. Sir Isaac Newton, the protagonist of the novel struck me so much that wanted to find a town named his honor – Newtown. Search gave first reference, "Newtown St. Bosvells" – a small town in Scotland, the administrative center of Scottish Borders. Clicking on it, I got on Google Maps: My attention was drawn to the top of the ruins. It recalled pictures that I so lovingly collected and which still remain a mystery to me. Photo called Dryburgh Abbey. This title was for me inspiration. Now it was obvious a word to enter in the search, to find similar images. And then I saw his picture. It was called 'Abbey in the Oak Forest' (Abbey in an oak forest). Internet search led me to amazing discoveries. First of all, I found the author's name – it's Caspar David Friedrich ("German painter, one of the leading representatives of the Romantic movement in painting in Germany. ") I remember how I clinged his paintings (and many of his paintings I know). They had what I like in books and Romanticism gothic novels, mystery, adventure, exciting discoveries. Then I first realized that the theme of people going to the ruins, is repeated over and over again. Only replaced the scenery – each time new ruins and no two are similar paintings. Who the main character in these paintings – the monks and the abbey? The spirit of these paintings – the spirit of Romanticism and the Gothic – came in the game. In the main game – we do, and now you can answer this question. I have been among these ruins. And you?

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