Second Charity Gala Starlite

The covered costs between 800 and 1000 euros and numerous personalities was attended by. The actor Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria have been responsible for Captain the second edition of the Gala Starlite, a charity dinner, between 800 and 1,000 euros the covered, which brings together prominent national and international figures. Villapadierna hotel has been the scene of the second Gala Starlite which takes place in Spain, with Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria as hosts, accompanied by Melanie Griffith, who has stamped his signature in the cars of the sponsoring brand that will be auctioned to raise funds. The event will allocate collection tears foundations and favors, children in joy and Eva s Heroes, for what counted throughout the evening with auctions, raffles, caring artists, tickets to the After party and exchange of experiences with the guests.

Among the latter, is able to spend a day with Eva Longoria on the set of women desperate, attending the Grammy Awards and four days in Formentera in house of Eugenia Silva. Oceana, Jermaine Jackson, La Union and Victoria Swarosky are some of the artists who performed at the Starlite gala. After the initial sitting, began to parade down the red carpet guests, who, according to sources of the Organization, hovered the three hundred, along with 170 accredited journalists. Characters of the likes of Marta Sanchez, Remedios Cervantes, Beatriz de Orleans, Carmen Lomana, Boris Izaguirre, Gunilla Von Bismarck and Luis Ortiz, Marilo Montero, Imanol Arias, Amaya Salamanca, Paz Vega, Elena Tablada and Mar Saura among others paraded down the catwalk. The red colour was chosen by a large number of guests, who wore mostly long dresses with Rhinestones or sequins, and as Lomana said in his posing: are of San Fermin, all red.

Marta Sanchez, who has posed with an elegant red dress with neckline in v-shape, adorned with a necklace of Pink diamonds, told journalists that it is the first After attending the gala, and it has been claimed that this is has eeted again with friends like Melanie Griffith. For his part, Antonio Banderas said that it is the second party attending in Marbella in sixteen years, and aims to grant from the tears Foundation and favors postgraduate scholarships to the students of the University of Malaga to study in Canada and EE UU. The actor said that the country needs to move from a speculative economy to a productive, we need people prepared with vision for the future, and that is intended to make the StarLite an institutional gala to Marbella a push after the scandals for the Malaysian case. With respect to the questioning of the famous held such events, the artist has considered that no matter the reason why you do it, since the child who receives aid wants medicines, food and water.

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