Sergio Vallenato

A figure who was born on December 25, 1988 is now the best drywood of Boyaca (Colombia). Sergio Armando Suarez Vargas and as it is known better, Checheo, is a young man who is now the best drywood of Boyaca and one of the best in the country at only 18 years old. Not necessarily to be the best drywood has to know a lot of vallenato, you have to combine this with other facets of the music. Sergio Armando home as guacharaquero of a joint vallenato that formed with some guys. Since child bowed much towards the music already belonged to the band at his school, as well as the choir and all musical activity that is done, there was Sergio.

After guacharaquero step to play box, with what looked, listened and aprendia, decided start playing accordion. His father, Luis Ramiro Suarez was who I support so that he had a master, so learn atocar that beautiful instrument, since is lover of vallenato music, especially that of Alfredo Gutierrez. It was as well as had his first Masters in Boyaca but who learned the art of playing vallenato was a master of San Juan Cesar (La Guajira), Mauro Milian Mendoza. Now Sergio has been playing his accordion in a way empirical until very recently that I studied music in the school Fernando Sor of Bogota. In the year 2005 was Rey Vallenato youth in the cradle of accordions Festival in Villanueva (La Guajira) becoming the first Boyacense to win in this category and the third to win in this Festival after Hernando Cely Cristancho (R.I.P.) and Jairo Alexander Piza who achieved in the amateur category. Thanks to that triumph has opened many doors and entered to make part of the Playa Blanca Orchestra. In this year he started to work with composer and musical producer Jose Ricardo Torres JOX with whom were presented in the Tv awards and novels (April 2007) and won the award for best song on serial or soap opera favourite for the hole song which was used in the famous series Sin Tetas stringhead no paradise of Canal Caracol. Sergio Armando was very recently called thanks to their work and their skills for not only for the vallenato by this same producer to record your accordion in the song Me Enamore than will be used in the head of the new SOAP Opera Channel Caracol overdraft of love. So like Sergio Armando breaks the monotony of the traditional acordeoneros that only touch vallenato that with their knowledge of music accompany other rhythms as rock or the famous tropipop which has been popularly called the rhythm of songs like Te mando Fonseca flowers or No te pido flores of Fany Lu. So how Sergio Armando thanks to their knowledge and their agility, versatility and creativity to play accompany and interpret different musical rhythms with his accordion becomes the best drywood of Boyaca and in one of the best in the country currently.

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