SIErlebnisCentrum Stuttgart

The children have chosen: new children’s program on the SI stage Thursday, April 2009. Were that would decide which program they like on Sunday on the stage of the SI Centrum see future children that they were leaders in the Stuttgart SI-Centrum. On Friday, 160 kindergarten children in the region were spoilt for choice. On Saturday, all were her parents asked to agree with children which the artist is her favorite. Not an easy task, because the 15 artists laid is powerful in this stuff to conquer the hearts of the young jury. Punch and Judy, clowns, ventriloquist and singer-songwriter, air balloon artists, even a mobile Zoo vied to win the favor of the small audience. And you could decide is difficult. This resulted on both days a thrilling head-to-head between the individual players.

At the end children singer-songwriter Matthias Linssen and nature educator Daniel Schmenger with his Zoomobil emerged the winner. Both are rewarded with regular engagements in under a year contract. We are surprised, how many great artists with children’s programs there are in the region”, explained Marketing Director Volker Dittmer after the event. We had the opportunity to meet many new artists at this event and are excited, as we have seen many great performances. No wonder that not easily chose the children. In response to the narrow election result, we have decided to make the Sunday children’s program with even more variety.

In addition to winning artists we will engage even more various artists in the future.” After evaluating the ballot of children and appointment with the artists the children’s programme for the month of April as follows: Sunday, 19th April show stage (start: 14, 15 and 16: 00), child singer-songwriter Matthias Linssen Sieger of our ACCESSES free admission – children search the superstar “action if child-singer-songwriter Matthias Linssen is guaranteed a super mood. With his cheerful and rousing songs it holds no more on his place. Dance, sing along, with hop just have fun there is! Our kindergarten children’s jury was absolutely thrilled and chose him as the winner on Friday! Sunday, April 19th stage (start: 14, 15 and 16: 00), Zoomobil free entry winner of our ACCESSES – children search the superstar “action the exciting animal presentation with nature educator Daniel Schmenger fascinated young and old. Whether nen snakes, stick insects, praying mantis, there are iguanas, scorpions and tarantulas – much to see and learn about exotic animals and even touching is allowed! He moved the children’s jury of the Saturday event in his spell and emerged as the winner of the competition.

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