Smithsonian Institute

Washington D.C is the capital of the United States, a city created at the end of century XVIII. In 1790, president Washington contracted Pierre L” Enfant, a French engineer of the Navy of Lafayette, so that it designed a city similar to Paris with the aim of turning it into the new capital of the country. The complete name of the city is ” Washington, District of Columbia”. Washington tells on numerous attractive that they will make the delights of the traveller. In center historical is the zone of the Mall where the majority of the interest points is congregated. Besides the White House, it calls to account of the president of the United States, we found the Capitol and monuments to some of the main agent chief executives of the history of the country: Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt. The Smithsonian Institute includes 14 museums that are counted between most interesting of the world. All of them are gratuitous and perfectly are prepared so that the visitor enjoys a unique experience.

The National Museum of the Air and the Space will make the delights of more small. In their rooms many historical airplanes and original spaceships can be seen like, for example, the module of commando of Apollo 11, the first sounding manned in arriving at the Moon. In the National Museum of Natural History to specimens of plants and animal of all the planet can be contemplated, besides an impressive sample of dinosaurios. The institution hoards an extraordinary mineral collection with thousands of precious stones. In the National Museum of American History an extensive collection of pieces coming from the different tribes from American Indians, as well as the dresses used by the spouses of the different presidents from the nation for the investiture ceremony can be admired. The National Gallery of Art contains the best collection of art and sculpture of Europe in the New World and reunites an important picture set of American painters. In Washington there are numerous activities throughout the year that congregate to visitors of all the country and the foreigner. Every month of September the Vegetarian Festival is celebrated, a forced appointment stops veganos and followers of an alternative way of life.

The variety and range of prices of hotels in Washington are very ample, with options adapted for all the buying tastes and levels. Between comfortable the economic alternatives they are possible to indicate the Bed& Breakfast, simple lodgings that include breakfast. Another cheap option is the small old hotels of the old part of the city. Also the pleasure can be #***aed-refl mng to enjoy a luxury hotel. The city is filled with commercial, tourist and cultural attractions. It is possible to be acceded comfortably on foot to most of attractive the tourist ones of the city, although also it exists the possibility of staying themselves in a less centric zone (for example, in Arlington or the historical zone of Alexandria) and of arriving at the center in meter. To choose the lodging based on its situation is the best option for those who walks little of time. It decides the zone that agrees to him more and makes a reserve through Internet to secure the most advantageous prices.

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