So Was The 5th Community Training

Discuss new developments and joint activities of Dresden, 22.09.2012 – on September 20, 2012, it was again: the 5th community training took place. Under the leadership of Community Manager Nicole Ludat partners and supporters came together to be auszutauschen WeiterEntwicklungen and joint activities of the community and recommendation platform.For further information, see Host this time, was Roth & Rau Ortner GmbH in Dresden. Managing director Heinz Martin Esser the company presented right at the beginning. He provided many details of the history of the company over the Werdegang to the organisation of the company.

Mrs Ludat said after results from the past year with regard to the development of partners and supporters, as well as the page views where you can total a continuous increase in verzeichnen. Direct access make mittlerweile a large proportion of, but also the search via Google. Over 600 recommendations were awarded to good candidates last year and adjusted over 300 engineers and technicians in Saxony, Germany. This is mainly because that the referral codes now conveniently find using. Then Ludat also the ROADMAP unveiled 2012, what collaborations with universities, colleges and educational institutions were closed and on which events and trade fairs, the community partners are preserved or even represented special conditions. Currently, there are over 20 collaborations.

The community training was not only a review. So was developer Stefan Wan before various technical innovations. Now, as several partners, including several portals are a member (for example,,,, a central login on is the solution. The central user administration, it is possible to manage the profile of multiple portals at the same time generally. Statistics and KennZahlen are only there now. Still, there were some among the Feedimport Veranderungen. Integrating points of the affiliated partners is now easier, imports are simply deposited in the recommendation Federal and distributed from there regularly to the respective portals. Wan delivered also views: relating to the dashboard, the candidate stats and the mails are improvements in planning. Furthermore was Stefan Wan in the wake of the recommendation Federal transition before the still fresh Android app in the Google play store. But also because approaches are planned in the future, how about the IOS version for iPhone. As last subject said the statistics Wan platform at There, the departments have been made configurable. Here, is looking forward to expand the verzahnung with the recommendation Federal. Finally, Christin Mickan within their bachelor’s thesis presented their study “Setting channels”, an analysis, where it mainly comes to how much businesses use recommendation systems for, is to highlight, how about the activity in various Job fairs or other company profiles, for example, on XING. In the Centre is the vernetzung in the Internet with the businesses eventually succeed to be attractive for applicants. The community training is rounded off by the idea of upcoming appointments, as well as the final round of talks. The next Community training will take place on 24th January 2013 at the AC Tech GmbH in Freiberg. Alexandra Kuhn

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