Social Welfare

4. Deposits received and those that are reimbursed causing IETU take care as deposits received and those that are reimbursed them, will be taxable income to the flat tax. 5. The responsibility of bureaucrats is only for one year the employees of the public administration, as some former and other relatives may only be legally reviewed by the last year of its management (principle of annuality). Now, any of us simple mortal, can be reviewed for five years or more, depending on the auditor who kindly visit us. (Source: crowne plaza rosemont). 6. If you think changing your car, sell it this year if you are professionals and they think change your car next year, best selling it once per year entering the sale of movable property shall be taxed by the flat tax.

7. The bankers if they may apply deductions blind El IETU prohibits blind deductions, but yes allows bankers. See article 5 fraction IX, which essentially says that, given that banks accumulate accrual interest, they can deduct the uncollectible loans up by 2.5 per cent as a proportion of the balance of the portfolio. 8. In the 2008 first citizens and us will be the flat tax will not affect benefits of Social Welfare of the bureaucrats as the federal, State and municipal government institutions are not subject of the flat tax as you explain above. 9 Be careful with earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other acts of God by a drafting error, for the purposes of the flat tax deductions, losses due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure shall be deductible only when they have to do with export sales. My question is what will happen if there is a flood, earthquake, fire, etc.? These losses may never be deducted from the base of the flat tax but if the basis of the ISR. 10 If they do imports, may reduce its base of the flat tax but not yet taxpayers that export pay them they accumulate the amount of exports when they charge them, but those who imported shall not be obligated to pay the imported to deduce it ietu. Can you imagine what you could do with this, or rather what this will do to the economy of the country?

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