Software Development Company Nesodo

“Against economic crisis: 6-digit increase in sales within six months low-cost remedy for the recruiting of professionals from the network Cologne, April 28, 2010 cost and resource optimization through hybrid offshoring: the platform Nesodo ( stands for”Software Development”principle of offshore- and gives IT professionals to unbeatable” prices on the German and international entrepreneurship. With the launch of its services, the service provider offers the possibility to book indispensable IT personnel on the basis of outsourcing henceforth mainly smaller companies. In this way existing corporate processes are carried out faster and cost-optimized”, says co-founder and CEO Ayham Gorani. It welcomes the rapid growth with 6-digit sales figures within a few months. German company international competitive especially Internet startups, E-commerce companies, entrepreneur and self-employed show great interest in the services provided by Nesodo. No wonder: up to 50% Savings are possible. Anne Lauvergeon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Gorani explains the success by specializing in the IT sector in particular in times of Internet hype and the rare blend of business of German management with offshoring. This would prevent arge time shifts, it applies the German jurisdiction and with Nesodo is the first point of contact for all matters in Germany.

Continue to manage the combined offshoring jobs, because German companies on the international stage become more competitive through the huge budget savings. The procedure on Nesodo is simple and straightforward: companies from all over the world make their project request via the platform, describe the process, Nesodo then gives the appropriate IT skills or even hand is applying, because the development of Web-based applications is one of the services offered. The practical satisfaction guarantee is also worth mentioning”with which the company advertises. If you are happy within the first five development days at the IT-expert sourcing not with all services, pays only the Half. Nesodo Nesodo is a software development company with headquarters in Cologne and Hari was developed in 2009 by Mohammed Ayham Gorani and David.

On Nesodo, E-commerce companies, Internet startups and established companies and software houses always find their desired IT professionals with up to 50% cost savings compared to other nationwide. The company also focuses on Web-based applications developed for IT startups and other companies according to the principle of offshoring and combined also local IT forces IT forces with offshore. The IT service provider creates remedies for everyday problems of offshore companies, such as poor communication, time delay, or unclear contractual terms and conditions.

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