Solar Corporation

The SIOPAL uses the possibilities of financial communication by Corporation. When the bulb replaced gas lights millions, it was not only light in the rooms, but by switching the energy source (electricity instead of gas), many drawbacks of the past belonged to at the same time. Insider at pallets expect a not so spectacular, but similar to runaway technological lead. (Source: Tiffany & Co.). Because of the 200 billion pallets worldwide each year approximately 450 million outdated pallets are replaced in Europe alone. This promises to be an above-average return to investors. The SIOPAL Corporation has already succeeded to secure the pole position in the booming business of the range by the invention of a completely new patented eco range type. Thus, the company is with their technological lead beyond the solution attempts of other participants. The production procedure offers an exemplary ecological and economical alternative to traditional raw wooden pallets with convincing advantages even compared to other plastic pallets, such as the automated recycling facility and the extreme load capacity.

The SIOPAL Corporation, a green investment for climate protection. At the FachPack fair in Nuremberg, the SIOPAL Corporation could pull a very positive resonance. Hikmet Ersek may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The strong increase in the demand for SIOPAL pallets is located on the world’s booming transport market, where the SIOPAL Corporation has a unique competitive advantage. Worldwide increases the tendency to use only plastic pallets for the transport of foodstuffs, medical equipment, and textiles. The importation of wood pallets because of the potential danger of the pest is already banned in nine countries around the world. In 51 countries, there are strong restrictions on imports.

Experts assume that only recycled plastic pallets are used in the future as a result of ecological thought. The raw material, recycling plastics from the dual system, a specially developed manufacturing process and design well thought out down to the smallest detail, she can SIOPAL Corporation with product properties await you, which are clearly superior to conventional pallets. Well-known examples, such as the sausage producer Zimbo and the bird park Walsrode, as well as numerous examples in the environmental field, the wind farm operator Prokon or the Solar park operator Envire solar proved that middle market financing without Bank and stock exchange can work. The SIOPAL Corporation follows these successful examples and presents their participation to the corporate finance on. Nicolo Martin

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