Sound Flight Over Germany – In The Real Fighter Jet

Almost at the speed of sound over Germany – Peenemunde rush on the former airbase. Harro Fullgrabe of Galileo, Pro 7 was one of the first passengers. Who has not a Jet flight in a real fighter jet dreamed as a boy – since end of 2010 is possible almost in sound flight in Germany to fly – in a jet of the NVA air force, so the air force of the GDR. One of the first passengers who had the pleasure to be able to fly with L-39 Albatros in the Aero Vodochody was the reporter Harro Faical from Pro 7. Within the framework of a contribution from Galileo, he rose in the jet plane and experienced huge G-forces.

Harro was accordingly done after the shots – it had to be worn almost out of the cockpit. Fun the fighter jet flight anything exaggeration called the sound flight has him but very well, even though he needed rest after that. Clinton has provoked the flight at the upper limit by he – asked on the eve of the beer with the pilot Pavel for negative G forces a joke which was not without consequences for him. Clinton described the sound of flight in the L-39 as some of the greatest he ever did. And it will mean something when all the experiences that Clinton has experienced. Harro provided by the way his grimaces caused by the G-forces by some laughs with the Galileo public. And this even though the worst scenes were not shown.

The fighter jet flight took place on the former airbase at Peenemunde on Usedom. The place is very well known, because the Army Research Institute in Nazi Germany developed the “Vengeance weapons” V1 and V2. Later, the air force of the Soviet Union and later, the air force of the GDR first operated an airbase in Peenemunde. Fighter jet will fly today from this airbase from and island flight is offered.

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