Soviet High Command

The strategic importance of Chernigov and understood the Soviet High Command, which organized the Here a strong defensive line. The first German air raid the city has undergone in late June the forty-first. The bombing caused great destruction of Chernigov. The German occupation lasted from Chernigov, September 9, 1941 on September 21, 1943 year. The city had created three concentration camps, all the years of war, the Germans destroyed the city over 52 thousand local residents and Soviet prisoners of war. Today, this reminds monuments established on the ground mass executions.

Woodlands Chernigov and neighboring regions created favorable conditions for guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla movement in the province received a massive scale, it was attended by more than 50 thousand people. At the same Chernigov led Soviet intelligence very active antinimetske underground, to coordinate their activities with the guerrillas. The war resulted in Chernihiv was almost completely destroyed – in September 1943, with its central square were visible edge of the town and surrounding fields. Destroyed all industrial enterprises, schools, theaters, shops, workshops, and many interesting landmarks and about 70% of residential premises. Only three of the former Soviet Union suffered even greater damage: Stalingrad, Sevastopol and . Restoration of Chernigov and his economy was going very fast. Already in 1950 the company city exceeded the pre-war volumes of output. Soon after the construction of industrial giants: the union for the production of synthetic fibers and worsted woolen mill in the 70's were built factory auto parts and radio instrumentation plant.

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