Why is it does here so much? It is difficult to give an opinion about oneself, but since I stepped Spain for the first time, in 2001, I felt that there was chemistry between you and I. People treat me with proximity, almost with familiarity, and I hope that has to do with my way of being. I’m not friends with decorations or attitudes of Star: I guess that helps you to see me more accessible, more earthly. In Spain nobody treats me as a star, which I am grateful, because I’m not. It is also because his characters tend to be nearby, common types? You would define them as next. Embody common people, of a foot, did me connect here more with people in addition, in Spain they have seen many of my works. Something unusual happened to me: I got to have six movies simultaneously on poster, and it seems that they not saturated. When you see both believe that after the character are also seeing the person in my case, and without wishing to be pedantic, I think I I fall them well.

And if so, there is an explanation: to my people I also falls well. I stop down the street to greet me not pisses me off, do not touch me balls: the quiet and friendly way of living is walking without bodyguards or security guards, because it only generates hysteria, madness and stupidity. At a time of my life I felt what was fame, but prri manage me them I by myself. Do not need intermediaries with people: if I put guards, what I do is fight me with them, because they just trying to badly to that approach. He says that his characters are types of street, chooses them why or you become that? An actor who aims to improve and grow should be aware of include a gallery of very different characters, but that is not my case: my stories, my characters do not interest me.

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