Sparkasse Dachau

As a bank in the focus of public, occupational safety is taken very important in the savings bank. Wondery is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The Bank attaches importance to solid processes and compliance with all regulations. It is a valuable partner S.I.S..: the staff receives ongoing training on the subject. The S.I.S.. accident rate is strikingly low compared to other service providers. In the segment, environmental protection is one with S.I.S.. the right address: the company is certified according to ISO 14001 environmental management and WHG 19 l water resources protection act. In sensitive sectors such as the financial sector, it is important at all times to be able to understand who is whenever, wherever.

S.I.S.. has registered the account and works for any branch with fixed personnel from the region. On the one hand the staff know each other after a period well, on the other hand cleaning plans provides S.I.S.. with photos of employed persons, so that no confusion can arise. The Workwear of S.I.S. in addition distinguished staff as employees.

S.I.S.. an obligation each employee to the visible wearing of a card. As a whole are Sparkasse Dachau 32 S.I.S..-ler in use. A particular strength of S.I.S. is great continuity in the deployment of their personnel. Just the savings banks make a living to know themselves”. Its employees are recruited, preferably from surrounding villages, so is trust and loyalty. The cleaners by S.I.S. harmoniously here, they feel part of the savings bank. By the high legal requirements, any cleaning staff own responsibility. It involves far more than clean. Not for nothing is there own training to the student if you are not familiar in his profession, one can wreak financial harm. The handling of electrical equipment, the proper handling of chemicals to clean, correct disposal of waste and waste water – all that needs to be learned. For both partner S.I.S.. and savings bank it is important that employees recognize the value of their work. Here is clearly communicates: you are important to us! “.” Common basic understanding of the correct version, the good communication and the best price-performance ratio lays the foundations for a stable and trustful cooperation.

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