Speech Is Silver, Silence Is Gold… That

Why ‘The conversation’ often deters the man with men in a relationship and dissociates from the woman. To the woman who wonders why men never talk and why men are always so “funny” on it after an intense conversation… I bet that you already met a lot of good types. I know what you’re thinking now: “in any case. I meet only idiots who only want one. “You looking for him and I insist on my actual statement.

Well, some of the types you meet are really loose. “But just because someone does not want to meet with you or nothing serious” wants to start doesn’t mean that it does not value is to spend also time with him. I hate to tell you this, but some of the men you’ve met, were actually good men, to which you could just build no wire. In short, you pressed perhaps the wrong buttons on the right man, which he distanced himself from you. “Why the conversation” usually the worst part is, what you can do to a man if you ever took into account, to give an “ultimatum” to your boyfriend or husband whether he now is serious with you or not, and you either want a relationship or no contact, then there’s something you should know about it. Men don’t care about prompt deadlines, ultimatum or “all or nothing”, when it comes to enter into a committed relationship with a woman. You could temporarily to get his attention and perhaps for a short time get him to behave, but by such requests you not from the ground up, solves the problem which will later lead to greater conflicts differently or even better. And even worse, such threats or pleas upset the man often internally. It leads him to withdraw to friends across distant behavior, even angry and to leave you cold.

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