Spinoza Nietzsche

Although Spinoza and Nietzsche, to construct to the imanncia its way, respectively its ontolgicos postulates possess in such a way in the practical one as in the ethics, an equivalent point of view, a time that come back toward the action: the ontolgica clause of the imanncia that defines the infinite substance of Spinoza, corresponds to a power to think, to exist. in the same way that in Nietzsche we have the imanncia of the life in the corresponding ontolgico direction the way to live where it favors the affirmation of the life. Spinoza and Nietzsche represent, each one its way, rocks of slip in the triunfal march of the emergent rationality in modernity, as much in its apogee, century XVII, how much in the exhaustion of its potentialities, to the end of the XIX. Its philosophies had dared to think from a perspective that are ece of fish symptomatically to the edge of all the traditional history of the philosophy: the perspective of the imanncia and the affectivity. For even more analysis, hear from Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. To study the contribution of these thinkers, requires that let us tread an inevitable way, that is to analyze with severity philosophical the crisis of modernity and the proper contemporaneidade, in its continuity and rupture with that one, in order to search innovative alternatives for philosophical, existenciais and social the problems current. As much the dutch philosopher, son of Portuguese parents, Benedictus (or Baruch) of Spinoza (Amsterd, 1632 – Haia, 1677), how much the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (Rcken, 1844 – Weimar, 1900), had been incompreendidos while still alive and had as cursed throughout the history of the philosophy. The proper Nietzsche listed six points of proximity between its philosophy and of Spinoza in its it celebrates letter the Franz Overbeck, postada in day 30 of July of 1881, where it says to have in Spinoza its only precursor, and that from now on its solitude started to be a dualido. .

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